We are Ready for our First Mastermind of 2019!

Jorge Olson

January 10, 2019

We are very excited and getting ready for our Mastermind Session taking place on Jan/11/2019 in San Diego.

We love collaborating in the acceleration of your business and ideas. Call  (619)722-5033 if you are interested in joining.

We will have participants from different sectors looking to take their business to the next level. Often times, companies and entrepreneurs go as far as their resources and inspiration can take them until they reach a point where they find unprecedented challenges; at that point they have to decide between slowing their growth or looking for help outside of their organization to help overcome those situations which can be related to personnel, sales, marketing, distribution, or funding to name a few.

When they do decide to look for help, that is when they reach out to us; we have a group of business experts who started from scratch and have started companies in different sectors, they have generated hundreds of million dollars in sales, they have taken companies public and they are now mentoring other CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Startups.

During our session participants go over objectives and obstacles they are facing and they get honest suggestions with steps they need to take in order to mitigate or overcome a situation, but most importantly, to achieve their goals. They learn about best practices to reduce their learning curve as well as about mistakes made in the past so they can avoid them.

In our session tomorrow, we will have a special emphasis a on how to get investment as well as on helping beverage industry companies take off.

We still have one seat left in case you’d like join our San Diego Mastermind. Call  (619)722-5033 to get more details.

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