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Beverage Industry Consulting with twenty years of helping beverage companies with mentoring, beverage courses, and beverage industry masterminds.

Beverage Industry Consulting – About
Jorge Olson and Liquid Brands Management

What is Beverage Industry Consulting and how can it help you?

Beverage Industry Consulting helps drink entrepreneurs cut time and money from their learning curve.

Liquid Brands Management, founded by Jorge Olson, started as a Beverage Industry Consulting company devoted to helping beverage entrepreneurs develop their beverage and then distribute it to distributors and retailers, finally selling them to consumers in and out of retail stores. Liquid Brands is still helping new and existing beverage companies with mentoring, courses, books, and mastermind groups.

Jorge Olson has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, ABC, CBS, NBC, Success, and other stations and publications, and it all started with his book Build Your Beverage Empire, now in its third edition. The book is now used in beverage companies and even universities worldwide. After the book came out, Jorge was consulted by Venture Capitalists, Funds, Beverage Companies, and new Beverage Entrepreneurs. You can find Jorge’s books on the beverage industry, wholesale distribution, leadership, motivation, and inspiration, in Kindle, Paperback, Hardcover, and now in Audiobooks sold on Amazon, Audible, bookstores, and available on the Libby App and other bookstore apps.

Build Your Beverage Empire

Liquid Brands Management was started by Jorge Olson when he was a beverage industry consultant. He is now a beverage entrepreneur, investor, and executive. He is currently the Co-Founder of two publicly traded beverage and consumer goods companies: Green Globe International, Inc. (ticker symbol ggii) and Hempacco, Co. Inc. (ticker symbol hpco). Liquid Brands Management is owned by Cube17, Inc.

Build Your Beverage Empire

Jorge is currently the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of GGII. He and his partner raised the money, went public, and are now acquiring other companies developing and manufacturing beverages, nutritional supplements, and beauty products. He has developed more than fifty products for the company and more for other customers. Jorge is also the Co-Founder, CMO, and member of the board of directors of Hempacco, a NASDAQ traded company, where he developed their products from scratch and established the funding, marketing, and sales best practices.


Some of Jorge’s current beverage industry consumer goods projects include:

CBD, CBG, Delta 8, and other THC-x beverages

Beauty products, and nutritional supplements

Hemp cigarettes

Energy drinks

Vitamin beverages

Powder beverages

High-end water

Microbrewery beers

Iced coffee RTD

Wellness RTD beverages

Vitamin shots

Male enhancement beverages and nutraceuticals

Convenience store specific products

Beauty and cosmetics

Celebrity brands and partnerships

Contract manufacturing

Beverage development and formulation

Jorge started in the beverage industry while owning a wholesale distribution company with DSD in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. Jorge then started distributing beverages for an energy drink company and later a soda company.

Build Your Beverage Empire

When these two companies saw Jorge’s operation sold more than their large Bud, Miller, and Coors distributors, they called and hired him to train them and their staff. This is how Jorge started as a consultant, coach, and now a mentor and mastermind host. The beverage trip began twenty years ago with functional beverages and has evolved as much as the beverage industry. COVID changed the beverage industry forever, for the better. Jorge now trains entrepreneurs on how to sell directly to consumers using social media and direct response marketing strategies through his courses and masterminds. He does the same with his own companies, employees, and celebrity partners such as Rick Ross and Cheech and Chong in Hempacco.

Liquid Brands Management operates under the company Cube17, Inc., and in the last twenty years, has been involved in:

Beverage Consulting

Beverage Brokering

Beverage Sales


Exporting to Mexico

Beverage Distribution

Beverage Development

Beverage Formulation

Beverage Training

Beverage Masterminds

Beverage Industry Analysis

Beverage Investment

Jorge decided to take his twenty years of beverage industry consulting and entrepreneurship experience and record courses earlier this year. Jorge communicates to many beverage executives and entrepreneurs with his books; however, he discovered this was not enough.

Entrepreneurs needed help, had questions, and often just need a few hours of mentoring. This was when Jorge started his beverage industry consulting practice, that later became a beverage mentoring endeavor. The problem was that not everyone could afford his $50,000 to $100,000 consulting fee, so the idea for courses and masterminds came to be.

Build Your Beverage Empire

Jorge developed and recorded a series of courses to help new and existing drink CEOs develop their business model, learn how he got funding, access to Jorge’s procedures, exercises, sales, distribution, and more. Jorge Olson decided to create audios, videos, slides, and reading material because he understands many entrepreneurs are auditory, while others are visual, and many others want to print and read slides, exercises, and other materials. His courses are heavy on all forms of learning, allowing participants to learn fast, have takeaways, and complete exercises.

Masterminds are added to the courses because some entrepreneurs have questions and comments. Many have deals on the table, deals they don’t know if they would take, deals with distributors, retailers, and even investors. Adding mastermind groups to the courses allows entrepreneurs to work with Jorge, his coaches, other entrepreneurs, distributors, retailers, and even investors.

Jorge has hosted four masterminds in the last years, some for his companies and others as a moderator for national marketing and training companies. The mastermind group is a concept popularized by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich, where he explains how the wealthiest people participate in mastermind groups.


Here are some of the topics tackled in the new Beverage Industry Consulting and Courses:

How to sell to 200,000 convenience stores

How to sell to wholesalers and distributors

See how Jorge funded and took two companies public without VCs

Why you shouldn’t spend money on beverage formulation

The best contract manufacturing strategies after COVID

How to dropship and sell directly to consumers online

Become a beverage industry CEO at record speed

Develop your beverage business model and business plan

Contact Liquid Brands if you’re interested in mastermind groups or private mentoring!

Jorge only takes one or two projects per year. For masterminds, contact us for availability. Some mastermind groups are online, some are in person, and the price varies depending on the frequency and member size.

If you’re in the beverage industry or consumer goods, make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter and blog as well as Jorge’s LinkedIn Beverages and Investment Groups, with over 50,000 members each.

Jorge Olson is still active with some private beverage industry consulting clients. He’s on the board of directors of publicly traded and private companies and helps run the publicly traded companies he co-founded out of his office in San Diego, CA.