Top 8 Most Popular Beverage Review Websites

Jorge Olson

October 23, 2013

Here are the top 8 most popular beverage review websites.

We have consider reviewers honesty, experience, website functionality and website overall traffic to gather the list of the top 8 most popular beverage review websites.

BevFans.Com beverage review website1. Bevfans.Com What is great about this website, is that they rely their reviews in the overall marketability of the product, by industry experts, which give you a real overview about your product. If you have a beverage in the market, or better yet, about to have a beverage in the market this is website where you HAVE to send your product to. And it’s completely FREE!



BevNet.Com Beverage Review Website2. Bevnet.Com Is one of the website with most traffic and definitely one of the websites where you have to send your beverage. The disadvantage is that this website is not only about beverage reviews, and people see more of the paid ads, than the actual reviews.




Beverage Review Website: BevReview.com3. BevReview.Com Is one of the most popular beverage review websites focused on  non-alchoholic soft drinks, bottled teas, energy drinks, flavored water, fruit drinks, and other types of liquid refreshment. The main difference between bevreview and other beverage review websites is that in here we can find consumer-oriented reviews. They do not review alcoholic beverages.



Beverage Review Website: Drink-Business-Review4. Drinks-Business-Review.Com This is also one of the most important and respected beverage review websites. You can also find useful information about the beverage industry and they also offer premium market analysis reports from the leading global suppliers of market research and industry analysis. Their downfall is that is very focused on the european market.



Beverage Review Website: ThirstyDudes.Com5. ThirstyDudes.Com “Thirsty Dudes are a trio of bearded, awesome, thirsty, straightedge dudes who love strange drinks” as stated on their website. A very nice website, with high exposure and excellent review ethics. They do not review alcoholic beverages.



Beverage Review Website: BevX.Com6. BevX.Com Is a lifestyle magazine with a beverage (wine, beer, and spirits) focus. They have alcoholic beverage reviews on their website.  BevX encourages subscribers to participate by adding reviews to the beverages they examine. If you own an alcoholic beverage brand, this a website you definitely have to contact.



Beverage Review Website: ThirstMonger.Com7. ThirstMonger.Com They are not as popular as the websites listed above, but they do offer a big advantage: visitors can buy the product on their website. There are NO LISTING FEES to be on, so there is no RISK! ThirstMonger professionally list your products, charge the customer per order, and handle all the processing fees.



Beverage Review Website: Tastings.Com8. A buying guide to wine, beer, & spirits from the Beverage Testing Institute, has thousands of reviews & ratings, and a directory with thousands of reviews of alcoholic beverage.

If you know of any other Beverage Review Website, please let us know


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