The Miracle Machine

Jorge Olson

March 6, 2014

The Miracle Machine is one of the latest Beverage Development Miracles.

With this new Beverage Development project now you are going to be able to turn water into wine, yes you read it right water into wine.

This new device claims to be able to make quality wines in a matter of days. Kevin Boyer (a nationally recognised sommelier) and Philip James (founding CEO of Lot18 wine club) came up with the idea, and assumed that with today’s technology this will be possible, a machine that turns water into wine in just a couple of days (let’s not get to cocky or step on somebody’s toe’s we know he did it in just a matter of seconds).

How it works

Simply power up the Miracle Machine’s app and select the type and style of wine you’d like to make. The app then tells you which ingredients to put into the wine-making device and connects to it via Bluetooth. The app monitors the progress of your wine as it matures, and in three days or so, your wine should be ready for consumption.

How much will it cost

The expected price for the Miracle Machine is $499, according to their website.

When will it be available

Its founders Kevin Boyer and Philip James plan to raise the funding for the project on Kickstarter, but their page on the crowdfunding site is not yet live.


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