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Jorge S. Olson

Make sure you call our consulting hotline at 1 (619) 489 0230 to start your product development project

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Jorge Olson is a Beverage Consultant and Industry Expert in beverage development, beverage sales, marketing, branding and distribution. He is considered the nation's authority in the beverage industry and consults with large companies, institutional investors and start-ups. He has been the CEO of distribution companies, beverage brands and publicly traded companies in the beverage and consumer goods space. Some of his projects have included Monster Energy Drink, 5 hour energy, SAB Miller, Coca-Cola and more than 100 start-up company engagements. Jorge owns and has own several companies including DSD distribution, vitamin companies, beverage companies and marketing enterprises. He’s the author of the books “Build Your Beverage Empire”, “The Unselfish Guide to Self-Promotion” and 3 other books. He speaks and trains in the beverage industry all over the US and in Mexico.

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