Teleseminar on How Energy Shots Will Take on Energy Drinks & New Age Beverages

Jorge Olson

December 2, 2008

Learn to start Your Energy Shots

This Energy Shots teleseminar will show you how…

Energy Shots are the new best seller in the Energy Drink and Beverage Industry World growing by up to 100% per year and making a big splash in Wholesale and Retail Sales and becoming the new darlings of distributors and convenience stores. This Teleseminar explores how to launch your own energy shot.

Teleseminar shows how Energy Shots are new best selling part on Energy Drinks and New Age Beverages. Learn how to develop your own energy shot as well as different channels of sales and distribution.

The Teleseminar will be held on Wednesday December 3rd at 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST and will be available free of charge to all listeners by phone or by listening on the web. The conference will last for 45 minutes.

The subjects covered will include: How to develop your own energy shot and how much money do you need. – Why is this category growing so much and so fast. – How to wholesale and sell your energy shots to distributors, convenience stores and supermarkets. – Alternative ways of selling energy shots. – Exporting your products to other countries like Mexico.

Energy Shots Teleseminar Details:

This Teleseminar will be hosted by Jorge Olson and Carlos Lopez of Liquid Brands Management using a Talk Radio format. Listeners will be able to ask questions via chartroom and get them answered on the call.

Jorge Olson, co-founder of Liquid Brands told us “It is exciting to speak about Energy Shots and what they can represent for new and existing companies, entrepreneurs and investors”. He continued by stating “Energy Shots are one of the fastest growing categories in all of consumer goods and especially in the energy drink and new age beverage category and there is a small window of opportunity to exploit this niche”.

About Liquid Brands Management, Inc.
Liquid Brands is a beverage development and consulting company as well as a beverage incubator helping companies, entrepreneurs and investors start, develop, launch, market, sell and distribute their beverages and other consumer goods products. The company is based in San Diego, California and it is sough after by new and existing companies wanting to start or grow their business. As expert strategists and marketers they help with marketing strategy and distribution development at a national or regional level.

Jorge Olson
Liquid Brands Management, Inc.
Phone: (619) 852 6942

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