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Stressful times call for peaceful measures


There is probably some leftover turkey in your fridge and you still feel like Thanksgiving was two weeks ago. Coming back from a long weekend and rediscovering all of the millions things you need to do can be overwhelming.

So, sit down, relax and calmly read the suggestions that I have for you  to try to make your day stress free.

– The first step is admitting you have a problem: Acknowledge that you feel over the edge  and evaluate the importance of the situation.

– Breath in, breath out: Bring oxygen to your body so that your muscles can release the tension created.

– Snack on something: Even if the amount of work you have makes you think that you can’t go on your lunch break, please do. Eating healthy foods will make you more productive.

– Get out!: Leave your desk or office for a few minutes. Go take a walk around the building, people watch. This will make you comeback with a whole new attitude.


By now, you should be in a New York state of mind, fresh with new ideas and ready to put them to action. Want to talk about your product development?

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