Community Managers

Jorge Olson

November 30, 2012

In an earlier post, we talked about how social media can help a business be more successful. Modern times have made these communication outlets vital in the proper development of a brand. Each day, more and more companies hire a “Community Manager”, that takes care of all the information that is handled in different social networks.

So, what does this person have to do exactly? Here are a few key tasks that a Community Manager needs to do:

– Public Relations: They have to be the face of the brand on the Internet. If there is any issue that needs to be adressed, good or bad, the Community Manager has to let it be known.

– Create content: Provide the information that is  in every website or page that the company has.

– Marketing: Make the companies presence grow online. Every time that we have a new product development project, or a new change or feature in our company, we post it.

– Customer lookout: If a customer has any complaints or greetings, the community manager is responsible to do the proper followups.

– Sales: Maintain the presence of the products that are offered online.

– New ideas: As social media is always changing, community managers have the obligation to keep up with the trends and make sure that the company is always one step ahead.

– Be human: What i mean by this, is that even tough this is an outlet that helps you promote your company, be aware that it is still based on human relationships. Don’t just sell a product, but a complete experience.


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