Most Popular New Beverage Development Trends of 2012

Jorge Olson

February 20, 2013

Beverage Development Trends

Flavors for your Beverage Development Product

Strawberry on top of the Beverage Development Trends

Hello there readers!

Hope that you are having a good day at the office and that you are stress free now at your work. New Beverage Development projects keep coming our way and we are more and more excited everyday to get them going.

Our beverage development team found some information on how the beverage development trends have been going these past few months, and I thought this would be very useful information for our new and potential clients.  Use this information to create a best selling product, not just a best tasting product.

beverage development 1

This statistic shows that the consumers biggest concern is for the product that they are buying to be healthy. The LOHAS market is growing more and more each they so a healthy and eco-friednly lifestyle is what they are after.



We can see that the berries ruled in 2012, and most companies decided to use them in their products. We think that companies gravitate towards these flavors because there are already many product put there that have these tastes and they work. Also, Lemon flavor is something very familiar to people.



Strawberry is the berriest of them all! These fruit is universally likeable, by kids and adults. It can be combined with many other flavors and it has a distinct taste that can be recognized in any presentation. You can’t go wrong with these one.



As we can see, estabished companies are planning to  give the consumer new stuff. The market is ever changing, so your target market has to be inteested in what you are offering all the time.


The time it takes to develop a beverage varies depending on the field that it belongs to. But, we do think it taks time to strategize and figure out the best way to present this idea to the people that will become their top consumer. Si, think of it like this: If you call us today, you are one day closer to making it happen!




A line of products has to have its niche for all of them to be consumed. If you try to cover everything, chances are not all the products are going to have the quality that your consumer deserves.

So as you can see my dear readers, there are still many opportunities to explore in the beverage development market. Even though there is a lot of competition, there is still room for growth and new ideas to be formulated and sold. 2013 can be the year for you to explore new ventures and see your product on a shelf near you.

Want to make it happen? Call me! My number is 1 888 276 5688

I’ll be waiting for your beverage development idea!



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