Invitation to Join our Beverage Industry Mastermind in San Diego

Jorge Olson

January 7, 2019

A new year calls for a new growth strategy

There are many reasons why you should join our Mastermind group session. We realize not all beverage companies are the same, and although there are stablished steps for a new product to be launched, renewed or tropicalized those steps cannot be applied like a one-size-fits-all formula; multiple factors need to be considered in order to put together a strategy that is right for your product.

Most companies only get to experience their own growth process and stepping into the unknown will surely include paying the price of a learning curve, which usually translates into:

  • Loss of time and resources
  • Misstepping
  • Vague results

Below you can watch an invitation to join our Mastermind by Jorge Olson if you are trying to grow or launch your beverage company, this is for you.

Our Mastermind session can help you determine the best and most profitable strategy for what you are trying to achieve. Not only do you get to be mentored by seasoned business experts, but you also get to interact with other CEO’s and entrepreneurs who bring to the table their own perspective and a skill set that turns the experience into a unique and accelerated focus group which would be hard to outsource anywhere else.

In order to make sure the group is productive; our Mastermind sessions usually has two group moderators who make sure participants stay focused when needed or elicit their core wants and needs to ensure their strategies are well grounded and will meet their needs down the road.

The session is moderated by Jorge Olson, a business expert, author of Build your Beverage Empire, available in Amazon, creator of over a thousand consumer good products with national distribution in the U.S. Olson has also mentored startups, entrepreneurs and global companies for the past 15 years.

Sandro Piancone is also one of our business experts and co-host of our Mastermind group session, he has helped some of the most important franchising chains access the Mexican market, to learn more about what he does listen to his interview on ESPN/Real Talk San Diego.

To learn about our scheduled programs visit our Facebook Event’s page. We have had and welcome participants from overseas, session to be conducted in English. On the following link you can learn about a heavy machinery business owner who traveled from México to put together his business expansion strategy in our Mastermind session.

Last but not least, click here to see a photo gallery of our latest Mastermind session, which included a tour of our facilities in San Diego.

Contact us at (619) 722-5033 to get details, sign up and secure your seat, but most of all, to take your business to the next level in a profitable way. Optionally, click here to schedule call and join our Mastermind session in San Diego.


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