How to sell to your products to 200,000 convenience stores in the USA

Jorge Olson

January 27, 2011

Sell to Convenience Stores & Distributors

Learn the 8 top secrets of selling to convenience stores and distributors. Without these trade secrets you will not make it in the business.

Find out how to work with convenience store distributors, brokers, wholesalers and independent sales reps

You will learn how to sell your products to all kinds of convenience stores in the USA including independent accounts and chains like 7-Eleven, Valero, Circle K and AM/PM. You will also learn all of the ways you can sell the product to the stores including drop shipping, wholesalers, distributors, distribution centers and more.

This audio seminar is part of the Wholesale MBA series. It is for consumer packaged good companies, brand managers, executives and distributors that want to sell products to all kinds of convenience stores in the USA. We will cover snacks, beverages, novelties, food, toys, housewares, apparel, sunglasses and more.

Learn the Top 10 Convenience Store sales Knowledge Points

1. What are convenience stores?

2. Who sells to convenience stores?

3. Who owns convenience store?

4. How to sell to chained c-stores

5. How to sell to independent c-stores

6. How to keep you product from getting unlisted

7. Support convenience stores with marketing

8. Merchandising in convenience stores

The Top 2 Knowledge Objectives

• How to sell to Convenience Stores

• How to sell to consumer sin convenience stores



Listen to this Wholesale MBA Series Audio Seminar:

Date: Friday January 28th 2011

Time: 2 PM PST

Call-in Number: (949) 266-6725




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