How to develop a beverage business plan – a special beverage industry event

Jorge Olson

November 7, 2013

How to develop a beverage business plan – a special beverage industry event

Learn why most beverage business plan ‘s are just a roadmap to failure

Presenter: Jorge Olson

Webinar: How to develop a beverage business plan – a special beverage industry event

Webinar Date: 2013-11-21 02:00 PM PST (Los Angeles)

Most of the people that I speak with about their beverage business plan want it because they will shoe it to investors.  Only very small percentages, about five percent of beverage entrepreneurs, want to use it as their internal business road map or to clarify their business model.  This is a problem in every industry, but especially in the beverage industry as most new beverage entrepreneurs come from other industries and have no experience in beverages.  The problem is not figuring out beverage development with formulation or branding, the problem is understanding beverage business modeling and who are your real competitors.

If you follow the traditional beverage business plan then everyone in the refrigerator door of your local convenience store is your competitor.  This includes every major soda company, water, tea, energy drinks and everyone else.  It’s not just who is in your category or in your beverage niche, it’s who will you take shelve space from.  Failing to see this will result in a mediocre beverage business plan and in a beverage brand that can’t sell in the stores.

This webinar will cover the basics of the beverage business plan as well as how to explore your different business models.

On this special beverage business plan event you will learn:

  • What is a beverage business plan?
  • How to use a beverage business plan
  • Develop a beverage business plan for investors
  • Develop a plan for internal use
  • Presentation options for your information and plan
  • What are your USP and UVP? – most important item
  • What is your business model? – 2nd most important
  • Beverage industry financial modeling
  • How to conduct proper beverage research
  • How important is your executive summary
  • What is your exit strategy?
  • Do you have your beverage consumer marketing in place?
  • 3 tier beverage pricing strategy
  • About your product
  • Management team
  • Recommendations
  • What investors look for
  • Finish your plan in one day

Beverage Business Plan Webinar



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