How to be a Social Entrepreneur – Learn how to make a buck and make a difference!

Jorge Olson

May 3, 2013

How to be a Social Entrepreneur

Learn how to become a Social Entrepreneur, make a buck and make a difference!

Social Entrepreneur is the new age new way of doing business

Social EntrepreneurDo you believe the world can be changed using business to transform economies and catapult entire countries into the Star-Trek generation?  Participate in the Social Entrepreneur movement and fill your live with purpose while getting your start-up fix!

 This FREE Webinar will cover the basics on how to start a social enterprise, market it and find your purpose as an entrepreneur.

 Learn how to be a social entrepreneur and change the world with your business venture.  This new breed of visionaries are starting businesses that make a big difference and create permanent change for the planet and its people. 

 Learn how to start your own business and change the world!

 What will we cover in this webinar?

  • What does it take to be a social entrepreneur
  • Explore the types of businesses you can create
  • What is a Social Entrepreneur
  • Explore water companies that making a difference
  • How to market a social enterprise
  • Learn the genius behind social branding

 Join this webinar free at

 I’m a start-up junkie!  I love to start projects, companies, products and help others do the same.  What I like even more is collaborating on change.  Change can start by learning and getting informed, it can then translate into mentoring others, or taking the plunge and helping non-profits or social entrepreneurs or even starting your own. 

 Work with me; let’s be part of the solution.


 Jorge S. Olson, Social Entrepreneur


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