Energy Drinks Started the New Age Beverage Industry

Jorge Olson

August 7, 2008

Energy Drinks Catapulted The New Age Beverage Industry And Changed The Industry Forever

Everyone wants to enhance their lives and their health in some way.  When there’s a product that promises to help with our health or with our well-being, we tend to give it a second look to see what it might be able to offer us.  And while the fountain of youth and vitality is yet to be found, new age beverages are stepping into the market in the meantime.

What’s interesting is that new age beverages don’t have special ingredients necessarily in order to appeal to the masses.  One of the early trends in new age beverages was actually the bottling of water into individual containers. Consumers were shown that their ordinary tap water just wasn’t good enough, clean enough, or pure enough for their drinking habits.  People began to carry around these individual containers and sip water frequently.  The water bottles became status symbols of good health.

There are numerous producers of this water that emerged.  Some waters came from natural springs, while others came from exotic places.  And people drank it up.  They didn’t mind spending an additional dollar on the bottle of water and liked the idea that they were getting their daily recommended water allotment.

But as new water filters were created, people began to think that perhaps they could ‘make’ their own bottled water taste at home, so this trend began to decline.  That is not to say that many people are not still buying water, but fewer people seem to be as interested in the market.  To supplement this trend, market researchers began to look at what was missing from the beverage market.

One of the first things that they saw was that the supplement market was doing well and that maybe there was a way to add these kinds of supplements to the beverages they were selling.  Liquid vitamins had been around for a while, but what if they were added to tasty beverages?  People loved this idea and thus the new age market really began.  People loved the idea that the supplements in these drinks could enhance their metabolism and increase their energy.  They craved the idea that a drink could help them focus or help their stamina.

Ingredients like guarana and taurine, caffeine and Echinacea were all added to the drinks, giving each beverage a sort of purpose  which allowed manufacturers to charge a little extra for the drink itself.  These drinks could also be flavored with fruit juices and artificial sweeteners, which allowed them to be low in calories, but better tasting than their ‘ordinary’ soda.

New age beverages seem to be increasing in choices as well.  You can now find these drinks at local gyms and delis in addition to the normal soda selection.  However, people love things that are new and different, so these drinks tend to be more popular than ever.  And with cool designs and bottles, people love to carry them around and show off their taste in new age beverages.

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