Healthier Drinks

Jorge Olson

September 29, 2014



Food service outlets are adding healthy beverages in an alternative for carbonated soft drinks putting them as a “Better for You” beverages like Teas, fortified waters and ethnic waters like “aguas frescas”  not only because families are drinking better at home but also doing so away from home taking advantage of the variety of flavors and refreshing profiles rather than the traditional sweetness and also been driven by de exotic teas, functional juices and unusual ingredients.

The tea segment in Asia Pacific is helping to this trend mostly because tea has the potential to be the next wave of global beverage concepts with its ability to be both  sweet and refreshing, hot and cold and healthy or indulgent.

In addition to teas fresh squeezed juices are popular appealing to new customers even in higher income markets premium juice is seeing resurgence in popularity for its health and functional benefits. Making it possible to achieve healthier drinks.

After water, tea and coffee are the two most commonly consumed beverages on the planet. Up to 3 or 4 cups of coffee or tea appear to be fine, green tea for example is the most common in japan in its different varieties and it has received attention for its potential in protecting from heart disease while coffee may help protect against type 2 diabetes more research on the benefits from this beverages has to be made but one thing is for sure when you put sugar, whipped cream and flavorings of any kind you are turning a healthy beverage into a not so healthy one.


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