Happy Thanksgiving!

Jorge Olson

November 22, 2012

Hello readers!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and everyone is very excited about the long weekend here at the office!

We hope that you have a wonderful holiday with all of your loved ones.

Here at Liquid Brands, we are very thankful to have a great work environment, and to be fortunate enough to have more and more clients each day!

And I am thankful to have YOU guys out there, wherever you are!

Remember that if there is any topic that you want me to talk about, related to beverage development, leave it in the comments below!

So, for today’s topic, I am going to leave you 5 little fun facts about Thanksgiving that you don’t know. Well, maybe YOU know, but I didn’t!

1. Are you a Thanksgiving Grinch? You are not alone. President Jefferson called  Thanksgiving proclamation: “The most ridiculous idea ever conceived”

2. If you are feeling sick, it must be all of that Turkey. Americans eat an average of 535 million pounds of turkey every  Thanksgiving day.

3. Go Bulldogs!  The football games held on Thanksgiving day began with Yale vs Princeton in 1876.

4. PETA wouldn’t be to happy about this. Macy’s traditional Thanksgiving Parade used live animals when it first started in 1924. This only lasted for 3 years.

5. Don’t drink and drive! The night before Thanksgiving is the single biggest day for bar sales in the United States. So, go out and have fun, but be safe!

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Gobble, gobble!


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