How to make your business grow… Dont´s

Jorge Olson

November 9, 2012

Every person or company that undertakes the endeavor of a new business, is up for a big challenge.

There are many things that you need to overlook at the same time. This can get a bit hectic, and distract you from working on what is most important.

Taking the example of the show “What not to wear”, I introduce to you (drum roll please):


1. DON’T rush when making a decision

We all want to get there first, but thinking that you have everything right now to make your business successful tomorrow, is a thought that might dissapoint you at the end. You can’t be sure that it is going to work, unless you  think about all the possible factors.  Carefully collect data, do experiments, and evaluate your results.

2. DON’T wait around, either

This is NOT a contradiction from point number one, you just really need to understand the difference between them. What I mean is, as soon as you have an idea DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. You have to find out sooner rather than later if it is as great in your mind as it is on paper.

3. DON’T get to full of yourself

Ambition is a great quality for an entrepreneur to have. Still, thinking that you know everything will very soon make you learn that you don’t. Listen to the people close to you, take their opinions seriously and evaluate them accordingly. You may be surprised to learn something that you hadn’t even thought about before.

4. DON’T cater to the wrong crowd

Your business and product should be oriented to a specific customer or field. If you want to cover every sector of the population, chances are you are not going to make everybody happy. Know your market, and stick with it.

5. DON’T be left behind

In this day and age, businesses have an infinite number of technology resources at their disposal. Use them all. Facebook, Twitter, and all of social media are playing a big part in the growth of companies and products. Create a hype about what you are doing, and eventually someone will follow.

So there you have it. There are of course many more things for you to do, but you’ll have to keep reading.

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