Beverage Industry Keywords in January 2014

Jorge Olson

February 14, 2014

Beverage Industry Keywords in January 2014

The Most Popular Keywords used and searched in the Beverage Industry in the first month of 2014

Beverage Industry KeywordsI have been working in Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing for almost ten years now, for the last five years I have specialized and almost worked only with customers from the Beverage Industry (products, services providers, B2B consultants, distributors, and more), and if there is something that I am certain of, is that the most important part of my job is the keyword research.

Here are the most popular keywords used and searched for in the first month of 2014, result of the research made by our team:

Most Popular Keywords for the Beverage Industry in January 2014

Coffee 1,000,000
Liquor Store 246,000
Jamba Juice 246,000
Total Wine 246,000
tea 165,000
Liquor Store near me 165,000
Smoothie King 110,000
Smoothie recipes 110,000
Sangria Recipe 110,000
Moonshine 90,500
Beer 90,500
Beer Advocate 90,500
Bailey Jay 90,500
wine 90,500
Luis Mendoza
Social Media Consultant & Web DevelopmentLiquid Brands Management, Inc.


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