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Beverage Development; Where to Start!


Where Do You Start Your Beverage Development Project?

After speaking with hundreds of companies I’ve noticed some of the same questions on beverage development pop up over and over again. The top questions are:  How much will it cost to develop the product? How much will it cost to produce? How long will it take? and What is the minimums for production?

How much does beverage development cost?

The costing questions are very easy because each type of product has minimum quantities in bottling or production. This goes along with costing of your product. For example, if you are doing cans the minimum is higher than bottles. If you are making a carbonated beverage the minimum is higher than non carbonated beverages.

The issue of timelines and how long beverage development last is not so easy. You have to consider artwork, formulation, a standard bottle or can or a custom one, your displays, racks and many other variables. Most of the time here is waiting for feedback on logos, taste, colors and artwork. We also have to wait for samples, for printing, mailings, and all of this can take a few weeks.

How much time will you spend on beverage development?

Beverage development itself does not take much time. You should have all the details in less than 2 weeks. The rest of the time is going back and forward and decided what to do and how you do it. I mean flavor profile or how you want the beverage to taste. What is the action you would like the beverage to do? Is it an energy drink or energy shot? Is it a vitamin water or how about a soda? Maybe you’re developing a tea or coffee product.

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