Beverage Development Tip: Happy Beverage Formulation!

Jorge Olson

February 5, 2014

Beverage Development Tip: Use Happiness Ingredients for your Beverage Formulation

Working on Beverage Development? Consider using the happiness ingredients for your beverage formulation.

Here is a great happiness infographic that sums up how and why people are happy.  Part hormones, part activity and part lifestyle adds up to a great happiness formula.

Beverage Development Takeaway:

In beverage development or any type of consumer packaged good product development you have to work on making an emotional connection. That’s the BIG goal.  Sure, you can address a need, you can solve a problem or have an impulse buy product, but when you can make an emotional connection with the buyer you know you made it.

 How do you make an emotional connection with consumers?

It’s actually easier than you think! You can do it with advertising, your supply chain, your vendors or ingredients or by helping a social cause.  You will not do it with flavor or just package alone, you have to analyze and study your perfect consumer and pair it with your passion.  For example, I donate 100% of my book sales to children’s charities such as orphanages in third world countries.  But I don’t send the money by mail; I go there with my family (usually in Mexico) and give them the money along with school supplies and food.  You can do the same, take photos, and show your consumers the difference you’re making.

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Beverage development article and infographic



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