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ATTENTION: Buy the book this week and receive 2 free recordings with a total of 1.5 hours (45 minutes each) to learn how to sell to 200,000 convenience stores.

The first recording will show you how to place your product into 200,000 convenience stores with the use of wholesalers and distributors. Selling to top accounts and working with these distributors to reach independent and chained convenience stores.

The second recording teaches you how to sell to 83,000 with the use of only a few master wholesalers. This is a fantastic way to reach thousands of accounts while having only 2 or 3 customers to worry about. You will have less accounts receivables and fewer worries.

Yes, these 2 recordings will show you how to use distributors and wholesalers to place your products in up to 200,000 convenience stores including independent stores like liquor stores and gas stations and chains like 7-Eleven, Circle K, Valero, and more.

These recordings are yours 100% free when you buy your copy of “Build Your Beverage Empire” on The only thing you have to do is purchase the book and send me an email forwarding your purchase and receipt from Amazon. It is simple; after you purchase the book will send you a receipt by mail. Forward that receipt to and you are done. I will send you a link to the audio recordings.

1. Get the 2 recordings for free by just purchasing a copy of the book on
2. Email your receipt to
3. You will receive a link to your 2 audio recordings by emailA step by step guide teaching you how to develop and brand your beverage, reach your perfect target market and sell it using wholesalers, distributors, convenience stores and supermarkets.
The Beverage Industry Guide Book is finally here. Learn how to develop, market and distribute your beverages.

From start to finish, you will discover how much it costs to develop your drink, how to position it in the marketplace and how to land the best wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

Sell to convenience stores, supermarkets, chains, independents, and every type of wholesaler and distributor in the USA. This book is great for entrepreneurs, salespeople all the way up to senior beverage executives.

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Jorge Olson is a Beverage Consultant and Industry Expert in beverage development, beverage sales, marketing, branding and distribution. He is considered the nation's authority in the beverage industry and consults with large companies, institutional investors and start-ups. He has been the CEO of distribution companies, beverage brands and publicly traded companies in the beverage and consumer goods space. Some of his projects have included Monster Energy Drink, 5 hour energy, SAB Miller, Coca-Cola and more than 100 start-up company engagements. Jorge owns and has own several companies including DSD distribution, vitamin companies, beverage companies and marketing enterprises. He’s the author of the books “Build Your Beverage Empire”, “The Unselfish Guide to Self-Promotion” and 3 other books. He speaks and trains in the beverage industry all over the US and in Mexico.

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