Basic Wine Making Supplies

Jorge Olson

January 4, 2009

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When you are first deciding to Wine Making At Home, there are a few basic wine making supplies that you are going to need to have. For the set up of your wine making operation, you will need a 7.9 gallon primary fermentor, one that has a drilled gasket lid. This will be used to grow the yeast and as well to allow lots of oxygen to your wine.

You are also going to need a drilled stopper, which is also known as a bung, and this is needed to fit the carboy, along with the airlock, to allow the oxygen to stay out of your fermentation and keep the carbon to be released from the carboy.

More Wine Making Supplies

The hydrometer is another of the most important wine making supplies, and it is this item which is what makes sure that you have the proper amount of sugar in your wine, by measuring the specific gravity levels.

When you are making wine at home this level is usually anywhere from 1.05 to 1.10 S.G. The size of the tube in the fermentor is quite small, thus the need for the wine thief and test jar in your collection of wine making supplies. The wine thief is the item that is going to be used to sample some of the wine to insert into the test jar, which is then used to measure the S.G. with the hydrometer.

The hydrometer also informs you when you need to continue on to your next task in the wine making process. A siphon tube is another important piece of wine making equipment, and is used to deliver your wine from one fermentor to the next, while keeping out as many unwanted particles as possible from your wine by attaching it to the 5ft siphon tubing in between the two tubs.

The bottle filler is used as simply in the way that its name states, which is to fill the wine bottles. This item in your group of wine making supplies is used by draining the wine from the fermanter into each bottle, allowing you to stop and start the flow of wine as needed.

There are many other supplies that you can purchase as well, however these are the general basics, and so this is really all you require in order to make a full and delicious batch of Fruit Wine. However if you are planning on making specialty or larger amounts of wine, then you are going to have to purchase specialty wine making equipment as well.

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