New Beverage Distribution Network for $1 million companies

We need the best beverages to plug into our beverage distribution network

Here is some great news of how you can sell your beverages into the best and largest distributors. I’m not talking about contacting one of them; I’m talking about contacting thousands of them!  Did you know there are more than 17,000 distributors in the USA that sell more than $1 million per year?  Are you contacting them?

I just got back from San Francisco to meet with my partners up there. We have a new company with offices up there with the sole purpose of selling beverages into beverage distributors and retail accounts all over the USA.

Imagine getting your beverages in front of one thousand or two thousand beverage distributors and retailer each month!


WAIT!  Before you run and get on the phone to call me you should know we already got more than 200 beverages that want to work with us.  The problem is most of these brands have little support and no traction.  We can only work with the best beverages companies and the best entrepreneurs.

For the next 10 days we’re looking for beverages with $1 million in sales or more because we have distributors looking for these products.  If you are in this category please give us your information so we can give you a call.

If you don’t have $1 million in sales for your beverages don’t worry you’ll get there. We’ll have some programs for you too in the future.

Make sure you call our consulting hotline You’ll get a call within 24hours at 1 (619) 489 0230 to start your product development project.


For now this program is for companies with at least $1 million in sales of beverages products per year.


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