Will your product pass the retail sales formula test?

Jorge Olson

April 3, 2013

Would you like to take the retail sales test? Learn if your product is really suited for a sustainable retail sales strategy. If it’s not, learn how to change this and position your product for retail sales.Retail Sales

This webinar is a must for anyone in the beverage and consumer goods industry. If you have a product or if you are a distributor this will be the best hour you spend the whole year.  This is a bold statement, but you’ll agree it is an understatement after the webinar.   Jorge charges $5,000 per day to advice his customers on the same strategies you’ll get here for FREE.

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Webinar:  Will Your Product Pass the Retail Sales Formula Test

Presenter: Jorge S. Olson (National authority in beverages and consumer goods marketing)

Date: Thursday April 4

Time: 2 PM PST

Register at: https://www.liquidbrandsmanagement.com/register/?id=cf206fcf8d


These questions will be answered in the webinar:

  • How Much Will Your New Product Sell?
  • Is your product really fitted for retail sales?
  • Did you develop your product for sustainable sales in retail stores or did you develop it as an impulse buy product?
  • Do you have a budget that can sustain a “non-impulse” buy retail sales model?

Do you have questions? You will have an opportunity to ask questions to Jorge during the Webinar using your phone or online using our chatting software.

Register today as this free webinar has limited seating. Our last webinar was 100% full


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