Milk the cow!

Jorge Olson

December 5, 2012

Milking the Beverage Development Cow

How movie and music stars are investing in beverage development.

Do you have a beverage development project, don’t count out movie stars as your lead investor.

Making a name for yourself in the consumer world is a task pursued by many but done by only a few. Once you come up with the formula, you have to take advantage of your 15 minutes of fame.

There are many companies out there that started with a single product, and that now carry a wide variety of services to offer the public. Or, that started with a service that later became a product. Or, that started selling records and now have their own tequila.

Celebrities have long been fans of putting their faces on popular items. Nowadays, many of them have decided to put their money where their mouth is-literally- and are get into the beverage development world.

Some examples are the rapper and TV host Xzibit and actor George Clooney, who each launched a brand of Tequila this year. Actress Drew Barrymore and singer Fergie have their own line of wine.

The popular Smartphone game “Angry Birds”, now has a soda in the market, that is outselling Pepsi and Coca-Cola in some Finland stores.

All of this brand names are recognizing their popularity, and taking a chance in a competitive market. There are so many products out there, so why bother you ask?

The key element in they’re success is that they are marketing to the novelty seeker. Many consumers gravitate towards what is new and current.

So, if a brand- being a celebrity or product- already delivers, there is no reason why  they’re other products won’t be good. BUT, here is the thing, They have to be. Even if all the elements of success are present, if the deliverable isn’t great the consumer will only buy it once.

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