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Obsessed with Success Mastermind Session

Obsessed with success? Join our mastermind session in San Diego, California. Call (619) 722-5033.
We welcome:
? Athletes
? Business Owners
? Entrepreneurs
If you are absolutely obsessed with being the best, this is for you. Click on video below to watch invitation by Author, Business Coach and Kung Fu Expert Jorge S. Olson:
 Watch video or
 Call (619) 722-5033 and register today
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Beverage Business, Beverage Company, beverage consultant, Beverage Development, Beverage Industry, Beverage Marketing, Beverage Sales, Business Life

Get a Free e-Book and Learn Why You Need a Coach by Jorge Olson

Obsessed with Success but not sure you need a Coach to succeed? Call  (619) 722-5033 and get a FREE e-Book: Why You Need a Coach, by Jorge Olson, Author of Build Your Beverage Empire.

We welcome:
*Business Owners
* Entrepreneurs

In this FREE e-Book you will discover what factors are associated to superior performance and overall success. If you’d like to accelerate your business and ideas in a profitable way, call  (619)722-5033 and get your complimentary e-Book today.

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San Diego Alternative Investment Club

San Diego Alternative Investment Club

Join Us in San Diego for a Dinner and Networking Event…

The event is for the “Cream of the Entrepreneurship and Investment Community in San Diego”. Let’s create something great… together…

It is called “Alternative Investment Mastermind”. It is for investors that want to network with other investors and for very selected entrepreneurs that we hand pick every month.

We have a dinner & investment presentation meeting June 13th in San Diego CA. See details here:

Open to all investors and selected entrepreneurs (entrepreneurs must apply).

What to expect:

  •       Networking
  •       Keynote Speaker (TBD)
  •       Dinner
  •       Investment Presentation = A Franchise investment fund looking for partners

This is a Networking and Presentation event June 13th in San Diego: Get a video and all details here:

 WHAT is it?

It’s an Alternative Investment Meeting with Dinner, Networking, a Keynote and an investment opportunity.

 WHO is it for?

For Institutional Investors as well as mom and pop accredited investors.


In San Diego, CA. At the University Club in Downtown. 50 B St #3400, San Diego, CA 92101



June 13th 2017 at 5:30 PM for Registration


I am sponsoring 25 investors to come to the meeting. Entrepreneurs and non-accredited investors pay $99 – Based on your LinkedIn profile I would like to sponsor you. You’ll be my guest.

Join us to network, learn and have fun. Maybe even find a good investment opportunity. Investments presentations are in Funds, Companies, Notes and other alternative investments.

Next Steps = See the videos and presentation for investors and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs that present must be part of a mastermind. Details here:

Can you make it? please RSVP at or send me an In-Mail. We need to know so we can prepare with dinner reservations.


Jorge OlsonJorge S. Olson manages two Investment Funds. He’s a serial entrepreneur, has written ten books and has 500,000 subscribers that follow his advice on influence and marketing.

He’s passionate about Social Entrepreneurship around the world and how entrepreneurs can influence politics, society, and the economy. Jorge lives in San Diego, CA where he’s starting a new investment mastermind club. He invites the cream of the investment and entrepreneurial community to network and start a think tank to help entrepreneurs get funded and succeed.

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