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How to Test Your Idea or Product Online

How to Test Your Idea or Product Online and Save $100,000

The Teleconference is Thursday Sep 3rd at 9 AM PST.

Learn how you can test your idea, logo, book title, product name, label, or any new or existing product with one simple technique before spending thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in production and marketing.

This is a FREE live conference call with Jorge Olson, author of several marketing and branding books and considered an authority in product development, having launched more than 1,000 consumer packaged goods and seen on Wall Street Journal, CBS, ABC, NBC, New York Times, Success Magazine, USA Today and many more media affiliates.

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During the call you’ll learn how you no longer have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in focus groups or media agencies to test your product.  Now anyone with the right techniques can test any product or service for free or a few dollars.

These methods are used to test:

  • Books: Book title, content, subtitle, cover
  • Beverages: Bottle or can, label, flavor, look and feel
  • CPG: Package, title, price, name
  • Services: Pricing, selling proposition, squeeze
  • Software: Features, benefits, solution

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Join Jorge Olson and Liquid Brands Management to a FREE live conference


    You can listen to the call over the phone or over the internet ask question with live chat during and after the call. The Teleconference is Thursday September 3th at 9 AM PST.

    To register for this FREE conference simply leave your name and email and the call teleconference information will be sent to you


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