Learn how to start and grow your beverage business with investment, marketing, sales, and distribution.

Beverage Industry

Need a business plan and funding for your beverage industry project?

This beverage industry course includes business modeling, business plans, and setting up your drink company’s sales and distribution strategy.

Beverage Industry Master Course for Investment, Beverage Development, Sales and Distribution

What business plan and valuation do you need to get investment for your beverage development project?

In the beverage industry, you don’t need a lengthy business plan, just a slide deck and the proper valuation for your funding round, which is very subjective.

This course shows you how to evaluate your own beverage industry project.

This course is called
Beverage Industry Business Modeling.

It will help beverage companies and entrepreneurs accelerate their drink business, saving time and money in creating a business plan to get proper funding, beverage development, sales, wholesale and retail distribution, and selling directly to consumers.

After trying and failing to sell our company three times, my partner and I decided to go public on our own, raise the investment we needed without angel investors or venture capital firms, and go to NASDAQ.

We raised the money we needed and are still raising more.

We went public with one company at a $2 Billion Market Cap and are now doing an IPO with a $100 Million valuation, and we’re still doing it our way!

Invest person money


What business model did I use?
What business plan?
How did we raise the money, pre-IPO, and operate a business simultaneously?

We did this during the COVID pandemic when we couldn’t meet with distributors and retailers. All of the strategies we used are in this course. Not only what we did in the last few years with our current beverages and consumer goods businesses, but what we’ve done with over one hundred different beverage projects in the last twenty years.

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since I started in wholesale distribution, consumer goods, and the beverage industry. I began as a distributor, and we’ve even owned a Miller Beer distribution company. I’ve ventured into energy drinks, water, beer, spirits, functional beverages, vitamins and nutraceuticals, beauty products, CBD products, cannabinoid products, and so on.

My big regret was not offering a course to share my knowledge sooner. Instead, I provided one-on-one
mentoring and mastermind groups where the buy-in was $60,000 per year. You don’t have to pay $60,000 annually to get my know-how.

Now you can get started with my courses and gain my accumulated knowledge in easy-to-follow videos complete with exercises and takeaways.

How do you get funding for your
beverage industry project and launch
your drink company?

Start developing your beverage industry business model. It will tell you who your target market is, then work back through the supply chain to get the sales pricing to your distributors, retailers, and the end consumer.

This course takes you through the steps and exercises on creating your business model and using it to get funding, just like I did.

Here are some vital beverage industry business funding questions:

What business plan did I use?

What did I include in my executive plan?

Did I use a slide deck?

Who did I pitch, and how?

Why didn’t I use venture capital or angel firms?

How do you keep control of your company?

What’s your valuation?


How did I get into
the beverage industry?

I started in the beverage industry as a wholesale distributor selling to mass retail and convenience stores in San Diego, then nationally, and a year later into Mexico.

After we took our new company into mass retail and convenience stores, I sold my shares and my smaller distribution company to help companies do the same thing I did, create products and sell them to distributors and retailers. Keep in mind this was before Amazon and the birth of modern e-commerce when selling beverages through the internet was not a thing, and shipping was so expensive that sometimes even shipping to retailers and distributors became unprofitable. We did manage to sell beverages by drop shipping to thousands of stores across the USA, including 7-Eleven, Walgreens, AM/PM, and other supermarkets and convenience stores.

Later I opened a call center to call beverage distributors and large convenience stores to sell them beverages. It was successful, and we managed to open national distribution to first and second-tier beverage distributors all around the USA and Mexico.

We even opened a wholesaler and cash-and-carry channel for a name-brand soda. We exported it to Mexico and sold it by the truckload with Direct Store Delivery in Tijuana. I also helped Monster, Rockstar, Miller Beer, and 5-hour Energy export products into Mexico.

What have I done in the beverage industry?

In the beverage industry, I’ve been a distributor, broker, wholesaler, exporter, analyst, consultant, mentor, investor, and my favorite: drink entrepreneur or “drinkpreneur.”

My beverage career has been long, working on other projects as a mentor, consultant, and beverage business analyst for the most significant investment funds in the world.


How Do You Get the 18 Video
Beverage Industry Business
Modeling Course?

After you checkout, you’ll be redirected to our beverage industry Learning Management System, where all the videos, exercises, and handouts are in an easy-to-follow format.

The Learning Management System or LMS is important because I didn’t want to give you a bunch of videos and let you loose. I wanted to provide you with a guide you can follow, write your business plan and valuation, and move to the following video. If you need to revisit a video, you return to the correct chapter and have the footage instantly available with slides and other handouts.

The LMS is mobile-friendly so that you can access your videos, audio, and training material from your phone. I love audiobooks! I used to listen to books on tape since I discovered them thirty-five years ago. Now I have a library of audiobooks on my phone, which is precisely why I wanted you to have the same experience with my courses.
When driving and you don’t want to see the videos, you can use the LMS as an audiobook repository, listening to all the audio courses. Sure, I like videos, but I’m seldom in front of a computer unless I’m writing, so I rely on audio content when I drive, travel, or am alone.

If you’re visual, you’ll also see the videos and export or print the slides in slide presentations. Maybe more important than the videos is the application of the information. You’ll do this with exercises you can apply to your beverage business immediately.

How will this beverage industry course save you money?

By giving you the most prominent mistakes beverage industry entrepreneurs make and illustrating how much they paid for these mistakes in time and money.

I often get questions like:
Should I go to a beverage expo or trade show?

Two of the most common beverage
development questions are:

How much should I pay for
beverage development?


How much should I pay for my
first round of manufacturing?
Component 9 – 1

I’ve been to countless shows dealing with beverages and many other shows in the USA and Mexico regarding food, nutraceuticals, ingredients, retail, oil, and gas. This year we have booths in twelve shows. During the pandemic, we held two shows in San Diego, where category buyers and wholesale distributors flew to see us.

I love attending trade shows. We have an entire strategy for trade shows that we’ve been using for years, where we host high-end buyers and convince them to come to our booth and then to special buying meetings. Bear in mind that we have funding, brands, and inventory. When we go to a show, we go big, with at least ten salespeople plus supporting staff, our vending machines, samples, etc. So the question is should you go to these trade shows?

I can get you in for free to many of the shows where I have a booth, so if I’m coming to your town, let me know, and I’ll get you a badge so you can get in for free.

Subscribe to our email list to get news on my travels and the shows we’re attending. If you need to travel, you’re already spending money, even if you’re not exhibiting, and for that, I have an entire strategy.

The same goes for beverage development, manufacturing, and even attending beverage expos. Investing in this course is much less than these activities, and you’ll get much more out of it. You’ll also avoid these and other costly mistakes that are just a time and money black hole.

Don’t spend a dime on expos, trade shows, or beverage development without taking this course.

Bonus: Phone Beverage Consultation
with Jorge Olson, valued at $1,250

That’s not all; I know many of you need a consultation, and you already know I charge $1,250 for a 45-minute call to review your beverage, project, or idea. My customers pay $60,000 to $120,000 for mentoring (not consulting) to access my knowledge on demand. In other words, if they need me to jump on a call to solve a problem or look at an opportunity, I jump on a call, but they need to work with me long-term. My clients and I usually have a one-year agreement; otherwise, it’s not worth their time. My large customers pay $300,000 for consulting, another one of my services, where beverage companies and investors seek my help in developing their marketing strategies.

Because many new entrepreneurs are just starting and not funded, I am adding a 45-minute consultation with me included in this discounted course price. Yes, I know the call costs more than what you’re paying for the entire course, but I want you to have access to answers, get fast results, and move forward in your project with confidence, knowing the necessary steps to take to succeed.


Prepare Yourself for Our
Beverage Consultation Call

Before you claim your 45-minute beverage consultation call, you must complete the course. Why do I recommend this? Because you don’t know what you don’t know, in other words, you’ll call me and ask me your most pressing questions, but the course answers those questions in detail, so you’ll be “wasting” your consultation on what I consider fundamental matters. If you invest the time, go through the course, and take notes, you’ll have some thoughtful questions for me that will move the needle, problems that can change your business forever, all with a
single call.

“Thank you, Jorge. One call saved me $35,000” is a typical thank-you note I get from beverage entrepreneurs. I would like you to be one of those entrepreneurs, and I would like you to say that one call changed your entire business.

I know the beverage industry consultation costs more than some of my beverage courses, for a good reason. If you pay for a call without the course, you’ll get 45 minutes of value and helpful information specific to your business model. However, you’ll also get a lot of “what you should be asking is this…” By contrast, when you take the course and get on the phone with me afterward, you’ll ask better questions because you’ll increase your beverage industry IQ. I added the bonus call to this course because you might still have questions after reviewing the 18 videos, and I want to answer all your questions.

How Much is This
Beverage Industry Master Course?

The Beverage Industry Master Course is $2,500, but for the launch, you can get the discounted price of $1,000 for the next five days.

After five days, you’ll still have access to the course and the bonus call with me for $2,500. The course comes with a 30-Day ironclad guarantee. I’m so convinced you’ll love the course that I’m willing to give you a 30-day no questions asked 100% moneyback guarantee for whatever reason. If you don’t like the content, or it’s not helping you move the needle of your business growth, just ask for your money back, and that’s that!

With this course, you get a lifetime’s worth of knowledge, and I usually charge $50,000 and $120,000 for a mentoring package, the same knowledge you’ll get from the course – so how much is the course worth? It’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars of mentoring time. Even if you just take the time you’ll spend on the course, the value is still around thirty thousand dollars compared to what you would spend with me talking about the same thing.

Take massive action! Start the course now and get ready for the phone call with me to supercharge your beverage business.

Beverage Business Modeling Course
For a special, limited time, you will only pay:

USD 1,000.00








NOTE: Once I reach the first one hundred course sales, I will remove the BONUS 45-minute call.

If you are or want to be in the beverage industry, you’ll need this information not only at one point but many times in your new enterprise, so invest in your business now before the price doubles and then triples.

If you’re unhappy with the course, you can return it within 30 days for no reason, no questions asked.