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Grow Your Business, Join our Mastermind in San Diego, California on May/17/2019

Jorge Olson

March 11, 2019

Are you looking to take your business to the next level? If so, call (619)722-5033 to join our Mastermind which is moderated by Jorge Olson, author of Build Your Beverage Empire, you can find the book’s second edition in Amazon:

Can you imagine joining a team of other entrepreneurs who have generated sales for over 200 millions in the last few years? Our entrepreneurs have actually started businesses in different sectors and have taken companies public following various self promotion strategies.

Join our Mastermind and sit with other highly motivated people like you who are looking to grow their business.

What is a Self Promotion Mastermind?
During the session, a group of people will share strategies, contacts, business plans, and stories about how to grow their business through self promotion. Every person in this mastermind can teach you something. The session will be moderated by seasoned entrepreneurs who have already raised capital, expanded their business and even written books about it.

How is this group different than others? Our group specializes in strategy, marketing, public speaking, book writing, and business expansion.

Mastermind Process
We didn’t invent the mastermind. This has been around for thousands of years. The structure and process we use is of the modern business mastermind. Here you have one or two moderators, me and my partner, and members interested in helping others, and getting help. Please note that as part of the mastermind commitment you must be the coach of others. You must encourage them, give them ideas, bring them out of their funk, or share stories and experiences that will make their business or investing life easier.

Who Are We?
We specialize in business growth with funding and marketing. We’ve taken companies to $200 million in yearly sales, have taken companies public, and are doing it right now. We own ten businesses, have raised over $100 million and specialize in growing businesses exponentially by raising company and with direct response marketing, sometimes both at the same time. Our main shareholders include Two entrepreneur/marketers, an investment banker and a securities lawyer specializing in investing in public and private markets.

Our team has been mentoring others for twenty years and we’ve been hosting masterminds for ten years.

? 4 Sessions per year, every 3 months. Plan of spending the entire day
? Hot-Seats for everyone, every time
? Group coaching sessions every meeting
? Meetings in San Diego, California
? International Entrepreneurs, Investors, Executives & Athletes welcome (Session to be conducted in English)

Where, When?
? Upcoming Session: May/17/2019
? Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
? Location: Otay Mesa, San Diego, CA
? Annual individual registration cost is US$6,000
(Four quarterly sessions per year, lunch and refreshments included)

Register now, space limited to only 8 participants per session.

To register, get group discounts or more details contact us at:


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