Game of Thrones Inspired Beer

Jorge Olson

March 16, 2013

Beer Beverage Development

HBO’S hit show “Game of Thrones” have their own Beverage Development deal

The name of their Beer Beverage Development Product is “Iron Throne Blonde Ale”


Hello there readers!

It seems like an ongoing trend for me to talk about beer! Maybe this can give you a little insight to how our office environment works. Happy Hour after work!

Well, unless you have been living under a rock, you must have heard about the HBO show “Game of Thrones”. They are launching their third season at the end of this month and there is a lot of expectation for the well known surprises that the show gives on each episode.

Something that has nothing to do with the shows plot is the launching of their own beer. Omegang Brewery came out with ” Iron Throne Blonde Ale”. And according to some reviewers, they would definitely cough up the $8.50 for this blondie. “A blonde for beer lovers”, according to the Huffington Post. 

But, is it a good Beverage Development Marketing strategy? I think so.

The millions of fans that the show has make them a perfect target. It is a novelty item that appeals to everyone 21 and up.

beverage development


Brands that associate themselves to TV Shows, Movies or artists make for good products in general. A beverage development idea is something innovative that can be directed to not only the fans but the public in general. BUT (yes, there is a but) this statement only works if the product has sufficient quality to keep itself in the market way after the new season is over.

So, if your cup of tea is a brunette or a redhead, do not fear! Ommegang is planning to release one other beer this year, and two more in 2014. These are all in collaboration with HBO, known for their outgoing publicity and risky choices of plot lines and shows

The network is taking a big risk by making a commitment to more products, but when you got a good thing going, you better milk it!

Do you have an idea that can work for NBC, CBS or ABC? I want to hear about it! Call me at (619) 489 0230.

We can collaborate on any beverage development idea that can end up on your favorite show!





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