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San Diego Alternative Investment Club

San Diego Alternative Investment Club

Join Us in San Diego for a Dinner and Networking Event…

The event is for the “Cream of the Entrepreneurship and Investment Community in San Diego”. Let’s create something great… together…

It is called “Alternative Investment Mastermind”. It is for investors that want to network with other investors and for very selected entrepreneurs that we hand pick every month.

We have a dinner & investment presentation meeting June 13th in San Diego CA. See details here:

Open to all investors and selected entrepreneurs (entrepreneurs must apply).

What to expect:

  •       Networking
  •       Keynote Speaker (TBD)
  •       Dinner
  •       Investment Presentation = A Franchise investment fund looking for partners

This is a Networking and Presentation event June 13th in San Diego: Get a video and all details here:

 WHAT is it?

It’s an Alternative Investment Meeting with Dinner, Networking, a Keynote and an investment opportunity.

 WHO is it for?

For Institutional Investors as well as mom and pop accredited investors.


In San Diego, CA. At the University Club in Downtown. 50 B St #3400, San Diego, CA 92101



June 13th 2017 at 5:30 PM for Registration


I am sponsoring 25 investors to come to the meeting. Entrepreneurs and non-accredited investors pay $99 – Based on your LinkedIn profile I would like to sponsor you. You’ll be my guest.

Join us to network, learn and have fun. Maybe even find a good investment opportunity. Investments presentations are in Funds, Companies, Notes and other alternative investments.

Next Steps = See the videos and presentation for investors and entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs that present must be part of a mastermind. Details here:

Can you make it? please RSVP at or send me an In-Mail. We need to know so we can prepare with dinner reservations.


Jorge OlsonJorge S. Olson manages two Investment Funds. He’s a serial entrepreneur, has written ten books and has 500,000 subscribers that follow his advice on influence and marketing.

He’s passionate about Social Entrepreneurship around the world and how entrepreneurs can influence politics, society, and the economy. Jorge lives in San Diego, CA where he’s starting a new investment mastermind club. He invites the cream of the investment and entrepreneurial community to network and start a think tank to help entrepreneurs get funded and succeed.

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Export to Mexico – Meet me June 4th in San Diego

Export to Mexico – Meet me June 4th in San Diego

Remember this event is next Thursday June 4th in San Diego, CA.

Export Your Products to Mexico 1 Day Bootcamp

The one day event will cover everything you need to know about exporting products and starting a franchise or business in Mexico.  You’ll hear from distributors, exporters, from the US government and their export programs, and yes, from me.

I’ll be the master of ceremonies for the event as well as the Mexico Distribution and Retail speaker.  Covering how to export and sell consumer goods into Mexico including getting distributors, retailers as well as end customers.  I’ll cover all retail channels including convenience stores, supermarkets and changarros.

If you have Mexico in your radar and would like to expand your operations, or just learn what Mexico has to offer, make sure to join us for this one day event.

You can get more information and the details here:

Remember this event is next Thursday June 4th in San Diego, CA.

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Beverage Development Tip: Happy Beverage Formulation!

Beverage Development Tip: Use Happiness Ingredients for your Beverage Formulation

Working on Beverage Development? Consider using the happiness ingredients for your beverage formulation.

Here is a great happiness infographic that sums up how and why people are happy.  Part hormones, part activity and part lifestyle adds up to a great happiness formula.

Beverage Development Takeaway:

In beverage development or any type of consumer packaged good product development you have to work on making an emotional connection. That’s the BIG goal.  Sure, you can address a need, you can solve a problem or have an impulse buy product, but when you can make an emotional connection with the buyer you know you made it.

 How do you make an emotional connection with consumers?

It’s actually easier than you think! You can do it with advertising, your supply chain, your vendors or ingredients or by helping a social cause.  You will not do it with flavor or just package alone, you have to analyze and study your perfect consumer and pair it with your passion.  For example, I donate 100% of my book sales to children’s charities such as orphanages in third world countries.  But I don’t send the money by mail; I go there with my family (usually in Mexico) and give them the money along with school supplies and food.  You can do the same, take photos, and show your consumers the difference you’re making.

Need help with your beverage development? We have full service beverage development from concept to beverage formulation, packaging, production and sales and distribution. Call us today at (619) 722-5033

Beverage development article and infographic


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Beverage Sales – It has Never Been So Easy

Reach 1,000 to 5,000 beverage distributors, retailers and beverage sales decision makers every month

Supercharge Your Beverage Sales and Contact Every Single Potential Prospect For Your Beverage

Beverage Sales – It has never been so Easy

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Venture Capital for Your Beverage

Beverage Venture Capital, Private Equity and Angel Investment Teleseminar

You’re invited our FREE teleseminar “Venture Capital for Your Beverage” with the largest Angel Investment network in the USA. This is not just one Angel Group or Venture Capital Group, this is the larges network of investors in the whole United States compiled of almost every single organized investment group in the country.
Over 10,000 accredited investors are invited to this funding event.

For Beverage Investors: Learn how to be part of this network, get pre-qualified deal flow, entrepreneur profiles, join the private social network, and give feedback on projects or become a mentor to an entrepreneur.

Investor/Advisors can sign up for the Angel Capital Summit Here:

For Beverage Entrepreneurs: Learn how to get Mentoring form Angel Investors and Capital for your Project!

Entrepreneurs can sign up for the Angel Capital Summit Here:

The beverage venture capital teleseminar interview will be held next Monday August 30 at 3 PM PST 6 PM EST by calling (347) 884-8982.

In this teleseminar interview you’ll learn how this incredible private equity group works and how you can submit your company, product or project for funding.

I’ll be interviewing Kevin Johansen, chairman of the Angel Capital Summit and Les Makepeace, the Executive Committee Chairman of the Angel Capital Summit 2010.

Projects funded by this Investment Network include software technology, consumer goods, green projects, services, and most other businesses. In the interview we’ll go over not only the general Venture Capital and Angel Investment process but what you need to get funded from this group.

Venture Capital Teleseminar Interview Information

Title: Get Venture Capital for Your Business
Date: Monday August 30
Time: 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST
Call in Number: (347) 884-8982

You can also listen and interact asking questions through the internet at:


Jorge S. Olson

Make sure you call our consulting hotline at 1 (619) 489 0230 to start your product development project


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Beverage Consulting

What are you looking for in the Beverage Industry?  Why do you need Beverage Consulting?

Do you need beverage development or bottling solutions that are ready in 2 weeks?

How about to increase sales and distribution to distributors, wholesalers, convenience stores and supermarkets?

Do you have your business plan ready for funding or execution?

Are you exploring new sales channels that are not retail?

Will you export to Mexico in the next 30 days?

Is your product an energy drink, soda, tequila, vodka, vitamin water, tea, coffee, high end water, energy shot, new blend? Let us know?

Is your pricing, positioning and branding strategy ready to compete with the big boys?

These are just some of the reasons entrepreneurs, companies and investors call us.   We can work with you for any project of any size.  It does not matter if you are starting and need to go to market soon or if you are a growing company ready to exit.

Learn more about:

Beverage Incubation

Beverage Development

Beverage Bottling

Beverage Consultants

Call us today to see how we can work together.  If we both like our companies and working stile we’ll start right away, so call us today at 1 (619) 489 0230

Subscribe to receive great Beverage Business Strategy and:

  • Our Webinar & teleseminar schedule
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  • Videos to help your sales and distribution
  • Articles and case studies of the best beverage companies

Make sure you call our consulting hotline at 1 (619) 489 0230 to start your product development project



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Beverage Network


If you own or are starting a beverage business you must visit Build Your Beverage Empire, the blog form the best selling book on the beverage industry

Build Your Beverage Empire is a best selling book that uncovers the secrets of beverage development, bottling, sales and distribution.  It explains the beverage industry from top to bottom.

The beverage book is divided into 3 parts. The first part tells you about the beverage business and what to expect as an entrepreneur.  The second part talks about beverage development in detail and the third and final part spends a long time showing you how to sell and market all kind of beverages.

Make sure you call our consulting hotline at 1 (619) 489 0230 ext. 8 to start your product development project

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Learn How to Reach 2,000 Beverage Distributors With Your Products In Only 30 Days! – See This FREE Video

Simply subscribe to our newsletter and receive an email explaining this incredible sales program that targets 2,000 beverage distributors for your products in only 30 days.


Learn more about beverage development, consulting and the beverage industry here:

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Beverage Incubator

If you want to take your new or existing beverage to the next level quickly and effectively ask us about our Beverage Incubator Program.

This program is for beverage companies and entrepreneurs that want to partner with us and use our contacts and expertise to develop, bottle, market and sell their beverages.

Would you like more information?

Make sure you call our consulting hotline at 1 (619) 489 0230 ext. 8 to start your product development project

Subscribe to receive great Beverage Business Strategy and:

    • Our Webinar & teleseminar schedule
    • Videos that will help your beverage business
    • Videos to help your sales and distribution
    • Articles and case studies of the best beverage companies



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