Craft Your Personal Image Like a Superstar

Jorge Olson

June 12, 2013

Craft Your Personal Image Like a Superstar

 FREE Webinar: Craft your Personal Image like a Superstar, with Personal Branding Consultant Jorge Olson

“Personal Image is Superficial, But First Impressions are Not”

Presenter: Jorge Olson

Webinar: Craft your Personal Image like a Super Star

Webinar Date: Jun 13 2013 at 2 PM PST

Link to Register:

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Learn how to craft your personal image in person, online and be loved and adored by everyone (maybe not adored).

“Most people say they are “OK” with their personal and professional image until we ask their employees, colleagues or spouse”, said Jorge Olson, Personal Branding specialist.

Have you ever seen a professional athlete, actor, business person or musician give a terrible speech or a terrible interview?  I think I see several every week.  I always wonder “don’t they have people to train them?  Well, in most cases they have the money but they don’t have the desire, or they think they know what they are doing, or they’re doing fine.

Do you have your own, dedicated full time publicist?  Someone to get you on TV, Radio, Print and special events?  How about someone to advise you on your Image, including your photographer, your clothing, your profile and biography?

No!!!  How come?  Too expensive? Yes, I agree, this is why we developed this free webinar to help you craft your personal and professional public image.

Personal Image Webinar

You will learn:

·         Difference between a personal, professional and public image

·         Image is superficial, so why do you still need to worry about it?

·         Create a stellar First Impression every single time

·         How to find your personal look without being a supermodel

·         Let’s talk about your clothing… yes, we have to

·         Creating your online image

·         Do you have professional photographs? You need them.

·         How to use your new photographs

·         Prepare your image for the Media

·         Creating your Media Kit

·         What is a Media Room

·         Protect your image online

Who should attend?

·         Entrepreneurs

·         Business Executives

·         Salespeople

·         Publicists

·         Writers

Your host, Jorge Olson is considered the nation’s expert in consumer branding and personal branding. He’s appeared on multiple publications and radio shows talking about product development personal branding, sales and distribution.  He’s the author of the books “Build Your Beverage Empire” and “The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion”. He’s owned many consumer packaged goods brands and distribution companies in the USA and in Mexico.  Jorge is also an analyst to Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds and other institutional investors that want to invest in the beverage and consumer goods industries.  You can contact Jorge to talk about your project using this website.

Register for FREE at

Don’t miss this FREE event and the opportunity to ask your questions. As always, we will answer all your questions before we finish the webinar. You can ask questions on any topic that you want to cover.  If you have a problem with sales, design, production, distribution marketing or operations let us know and we’ll help you solve it during the event.

You can’t miss this Personal Image Webinar!


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