Once you have your product in your hand, you are eager to distribute it and sell it well, right? And the perfect place to do this first is supermarkets, right? WRONG.

We'll, not wrong, but convenience stores sales have been on the rise. According to NACSonline.com, they grew 2.4% in 2011, coming to a total of $195 billion of convenience store bought products. Not to shabby, huh?

Want even more good news? One of the products that increased their sales percentages the most were… that's right! BEVERAGES.

Alternative beverages had a 15.3% increase, sports drinks raised 13.9% and cold dispensed beverages had 12.3% more sales. This puts beverages in third place in the overall sales made in convenience stores, only behind cigarettes and food service.  So if you want to help your sales, stop smoking and cook at home!

There are many opportunities that haven't been exploited yet, and there is a big market for us to conquer.

Want a piece of this pie? It is so tempting right!

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