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Build Your Beverage Empire – Book Intro


Build Your Beverage Empire

All New second edition for 2020 available on kindle, hardcover and paperback from amazon.com

Get Build Your Beverge Empire Kindle edition for only $2.99 on Amazon 

New for 2020 of Build Your Beverage Empire second edition:

  • Consumer marketing
  • Beverage development in small batches
  • Social media is changing the game
  • It’s now hard to get on the shelve

The second edition is completely new, because more than 60% of the bevrage book was updated with new production, sales, marketing strategies as well as the lattest trends in beverage development.

Do you want to develop a produce a beverage?

Learn to develop and sell your beverages from scratch. This means turning your new age beverage into a marketable product this year. How to do it? Use Jorge’s proven strategies for beverage formulation, production, sales and distribution.

This beverage industry book gives you a step by step guide on how to develop and brand your beverages and FMCG. This includes how to reach your perfect target market. You’ll learn how to sell your beverages using wholesalers, distributors, convenience stores and supermarkets.

You’ll also discover every single beverage sales and distribution channel and how to penetrate it with your beverages. While reading the book you will prepare spectacular distributor programs to support all type of accounts, get see through in stores and have customers for life.

This book is a must read for anyone in the beverage industry. From executives to sales people, marketing managers, brand managers, merchandisers as well as investors. After finishing the book you will double your beverage industry IQ. Youll be able to develop a brand in the drawing board, reach your target market correctly, write your business plan and execute it with sales and distribution. Learn from Jorge Olson, beverage industry and FMCG executive and strategist.

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If you are ready to get on the phone with me right now, just schedule your mentoring or coaching call.

The process is simple, pick a day and time, pay for your call, and we’ll talk this week. If you need more help, consulting, project management, sales, and distribution, we’ll go over all of that in your call.

Once you pay for your call, you’ll see the call-in number. You can also join the call from your computer using zoom.

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Jorge Olson is a Beverage Consultant and Industry Expert in beverage development, beverage sales, marketing, branding and distribution. He is considered the nation's authority in the beverage industry and consults with large companies, institutional investors and start-ups. He has been the CEO of distribution companies, beverage brands and publicly traded companies in the beverage and consumer goods space. Some of his projects have included Monster Energy Drink, 5 hour energy, SAB Miller, Coca-Cola and more than 100 start-up company engagements. Jorge owns and has own several companies including DSD distribution, vitamin companies, beverage companies and marketing enterprises. He’s the author of the books “Build Your Beverage Empire”, “The Unselfish Guide to Self-Promotion” and 3 other books. He speaks and trains in the beverage industry all over the US and in Mexico.

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