Beverage Industry Jobs Listed on LinkedIn

Jorge Olson

May 4, 2010

New Jobs for the beverage industry form the LinkedIn Beverage Business Group

Don’t forget the Beverage Business Group on LinkedIn now has a Job Board. It is FREE to post and respond.

Go visit the LinkedIn FMCG and Beverage Group here:

There are already dozens of high end jobs including managers, directors, VP’s and even CEO’s. You can also post questions or anouncements. I use the group for appointments at trade shows, to post press releases and to network with beverage and FMCG executives.

Just go to the group and click on Jobs (it is in the main menu).

If you see something you like you can contact them directly or call me for an introduction.

Don’t forget to Follow me to your network.


Jorge S. Olson
Group Manager

Are yo uready for a FMCG or Beverage Consulting Call?

Go to the homepage and schedule your mentoring or analysis call. There you’ll be able to see my calendar and book, pay, and schedule an appointment. After you are done, you’ll get te phone number for our call.


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