Beverage Development Agreement between DC Brands and Village Tea Company

Jorge Olson

July 2, 2013

Beverage Development patent helps Village Tea’s innovative proposal

CEO’S of both companies see this partnership as a great Beverage Development idea

Ready To Drink products are the best ideas for Beverage Development

Hello there readers! I hope that you had a great weekend and that you are ready for the upcoming holiday! Today we are going to talk about a partnership that its great for the beverage development world.

Village Tea Company Distribution has reached out to DC Brands International, Inc. whose ticker symbol is (HRDN),to help them develop  the manufacturing of ready to drink teas whose main selling point will be the benefits of their added supplements.

beverage development

Also, the patent that DC Brands has of a supplement delivery cap, will help them reach a broader audience, which is the sports oriented consumer. The beverage development company has a very wide range of distribution channels, where they will place these innovative products and monitor their growth.

“We view this as another great opportunity to continue expanding the unique flavors of the Village Tea brand into a more convenient format for our existing channel and for customers looking for ready-to-drink healthy beverage products”, said Janon Costely, CEO of Village Tea Company Distribution Inc. when asked about his expectations on this product development venture.  “We look forward to DC Brands leveraging their capabilities in an attempt to reach our corporate goals.” he concluded.

On his part, CFO and acting CEO of DC Brands International, Bob Armstrong, stated, “This is a very exciting next step in building our relationship with Village Tea.”  On the opportunity of working with this successful existing company, he said, “This will allow us to utilize the expertise that we have developed in the past several years producing our line of HARD Nutrition Functional Beverages.”

DC Brands International (HRDN) has a very broad experience in the beverage development industry,especially in their health division. They were founded in 1998 but started making beverage development products in 2005. When they bought the assets of H.A.R.D. Nutrition, they began to look for health conscious products. With their new H.A.R.D. Nutrition Functional Water Systems, they will tak the beverage development world by storm and make a big impact on the functional beverage category.

So, this success story teaches us that having a good product can help us reach greater and better results! A small step today can make a big difference tomorrow. If you need some ideas, read this Beverage Development blog we did a while back.

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