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Your Beverage Consulting Form Is On The Way!

You will receive a call from me same day or next business day to talk about your beverage consulting project.

After we make contact please prepare any relevant information you have about your beverage idea, project or existing product. This will help with your first beverage consulting call.

Relevant information I will need to see includes a business plan, samples, specifications, sales sheets, photographs or renders, target market, your vision and any other collateral you have.

If you are just starting and don’t have any of these items it is ok. I will prompt you to development or help you come up with them.

For your first call you should prepare your questions and write them down. You should have up to 30 minutes scheduled to go over your project. Focus on your vision as Entrepreneur and CEO so that we both better understand the project. Important keywords to talk about are your vision, target market, unique selling proposition, distribution strategy, costing, marketing and product development.

Hello, My name is Jorge Olson. I’m the Sr. Project Manager and will work on your beverage. We have a team of 50 people working on beverage sales and distribution. I handle project management, beverage sales planning, distributor management and retail management projects for exclusive clients.  You will have access to the largest network of salespeople, brokers, distributors, wholesalers and beverage buyers.

If you can’t wait and need immediate consulting assistance please call me at (619) 722 5033

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