A Better Grip for Pepsi

Jorge Olson

March 26, 2013

Package Design changes for the veteran soft drink

16 and 20 oz bottle will get a Package Design change

“Live for now” Campaign is the reason for this change in their Package Design


Hello readers!

The victim of today is Pepsi Co. It seems like everybody is either a Pepsi or a Coke fan right? I’ll never tell…

What both brands have done through the years is keep their public interested in what they are going to do next. Coke’s Christmas Campaigns and Pepsi’s star studded commercials make them part of the best beverage marketers out there.

It helps that their budget is very broad and they can virtually do anything to stay in the game. When Pepsi changed their logo design, it was not accepted immediately, but people have gotten used to it and now, can you remember the one that they had before?

My bet is that that will happen too with this new bottle. It looks like its new package design for this popular soft drink is a much needed change for the 17 years that it had stayed the same. It will take approximately two years for all the bottles to be replaced. “The engineers have to go to all the plants and convert the lines,” said Andrea Foote, a PepsiCo spokeswoman.

Package Design










It is a big investment for a company to change their package design, but it is worth it when you see that sales are declining and you need a lifter upper. A brand like PepsiCo can take the chance on a big decision like this. They have enough capital to make it happen and the reward comes when bloggers like me start talking about them, they create buzz and they are once again in the mind of the consumer. Sales go up and I don’t get any commission. Yes, that is how the corporate world works.

Joking aside, Package Design changes are a great move when they come with a big Marketing Campaign. Sometimes consumers get caught up with new and more exciting products, and returning to an oldie but goodie that has a twist, can be very comforting.

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