Wishing you the best in 2019! Join our Mastermind to Accelerate your Business and Ideas


A Mastermind session is a catalyst to reach your objectives more effectively


A new year is always a great opportunity to establish new goals and to follow new strategies that will help you reach your objectives more effectively. Call (619)722-5033 if your goals include taking your business or ideas to the next level in a profitable way and join our Mastermind Session in San Diego, on January 11th, 2019.

This session will be co-moderated by Jorge Olson, business expert, consumer good product mentor and author of Build your Beverage Empire, available in Amazon.

In his book Build Your Beverage Empire, Olson states “If you are a retailer, a restaurant, a bar owner, a store owner, liquor store owner and you don´t have your own private label drinks, you are losing money, since you already have established sales outlets”. He goes on by saying that “you can produce a number of drinks (like non-carbonated products with no gas) for less that you can buy them from the local distributor. These include drinks like:

  • Sports drinks
  • Enhanced waters
  • Teas
  • Wine
  • Spirits

By selling your own private label drink, and producing them at less cost, you can double or triple your profits on similar drinks that you sell for others, possibly even selling at a lower retail cost over other products on your shelves and in your coolers. What’s more, you can build a brand for your business through your own label and further promote yourself with every private label drink that walks out your door”.

Sandro Piancone, a business strategist who has taken several companies public and who has introduced some of the most important American franchises into the Mexican Market will also share his expertise. Get to know him by listening to his Sharkpreneur interview with Seth Green and Kevin Harrington.

Besides getting advice to troubleshoot business situations, reducing your learning curve and interacting with other CEO's and Entrepreneurs, you will also learn key elements Sandro and Jorge they have used in the past so you can raise capital.

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Space is limited. Register now and secure your seat in our Mastermind session, call us at  (619) 722-5033 to get all details.

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