Hello there readers!

Every employee has a specific task that they are in charge of. Nonetheless, we all have different opinions about each department and we are allowed to say them and have them considered.

The official name of my job is “Marketing Department and Business Development

What does this mean? At first, I had this same question.

Basically, I do market research and help you out with the Business Plan. I am also in charge of getting the right person at the right store so that they sell your product. I am the intermediate between you and them.

I am also looking for new ways to make each product stand out in a market full of worthy competition.

Me and the people of this team  evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and strive to make them work for your specific needs.

And last but not least, I am the Company Blogger!

If any of the above tasks interest you, don't hesitate and call me! You can reach me at 1 888 276 5688 Ext 5.

I am waiting right here!

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